Moving and Shaking!

Lots of changes! We decided that if we are going to live in 4 square feet together on a sailboat this summer we should try living together on land. Emmanuel moved into my apartment April 1st along with all of his toys. And this man has some toys. Paragliders, surfboard, climbing gear, camping gear. etc etc etc. You can tell a lot about him by what is in the middle of the living room and the books he has. Surfing California, Classic Routes, Hotsprings of Western Canada, Let my people go surfing, Understanding the Sky. Great additions to any bookshelf.

There has been very little time to unpack or sort our lives at home. We just arrived back from a 4 day weekend in Bellingham working on the boat. It was one of those weekends where you feel like you somehow didn’t get much done. We made a list on the drive home of all the projects and projected time required, and there are more days needed than what is available. It is simultaneously overwhelming and motivating to see it written down.

We are gearing into 6th and 7th gear now for the final push to June 1st!


  1. I hope your summer trip involves a stop near SF bay or Monterrey. We would love to meet you guys. Our Union Polaris made it as far as LA harbor last weekend. We are slowly chipping away at the miles between us.

    • Christine that would be SO great to meet you two! I’m glad to hear that you are moving your boat closer and closer! Our summer plans are open, but they will likely involve exploring B.C. and all the little nooks, bays and inlets. Someday though we will meet and hopefully have a sailing rendezvous!

  2. It’s gotta be at least 30 sq. ft, don’t you think??
    Jon looked at me last night and said, “do you think other people look at the amount of space we live in and think we’re completely weird?”
    🙂 Well that’s just the point, isn’t it??

  3. Its exactly the point Leah! Live more of your life outside rather than contained inside four walls, or four bulkheads…whatever you choose 🙂

    Love it Curtis! That is a great TedTalk.

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