What’s in a name?

When we bought her, she was named Free to Roam. A concept we loved – the ability to move about unhindered, to explore, adventure and experience new things. But the sound when we spoke it fell flat on our lips. We realized that we weren’t saying Free to Roam when we spoke about her, but “the boat”. And such a fine lady should be called by name!

We knew we would change her name, and we didn’t speak much about options, we thought we wanted something short, easy to say (and easy to spell over the radio), and something feminine. We also wanted something that held meaning for us. Something romantic.

Leela. I remembered from my yoga practice and something I keep as a reminder for myself. It means “play” or “cosmic play” and holds the idea that the experience of the universe, the cosmos, is a dance and a product of creative playfulness. It’s a way for the universe to know itself, to experience joy, creation, destruction and recreation. As individuals, we experience Leela (Lila) as a great adventure and the discoveries that happen as we move through life.

That is exactly why Emmanuel and I have set out on this adventure. To go play on this big beautiful earth. To see the different way beauty is expressed and to experience all of it. The extreme intensity of storms, the feeling of childlike glee when it is a clear blue sky with a fresh wind.

And as the highs and lows wash over us, the name Leela reminds us that adventure and discovery, this play, is precisely the point of it all.



  1. I remember researching all the names she has been given over her lifetime… Slackwater (well I guess it had meaning to someone), Palindrome, Free to Roam and now Leela. I must admit – I like both Free to Roam and Leela!

    • Thanks for sharing the history of names that she has had Peter! We just received the final confirmation from Transport Canada of change in registration and name. Another piece falling into place!

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