Circumnavigating Cortes Island with Neil

Sunbathing on fore deck of Leela

After saying our goodbyes to my dad and sister in Refuge Cove, we refuelled Leela and headed to Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island where our good friend Neil was ready to join us for a relaxed 5-day cruise. Our goal: catch up with our hilarious friend while circumnavigating Cortes Island; an itinerary that is only 2nd to circumnavigating the world,…

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Raft of Radness and Desolation Sound

As Captain Vancouver was charting and exploring looking for the North-west passage he charted Desolation Sound in 1792. He named it this because of the torrential rain, fog and seeming inhospitability of the land. He despised this place named it accordingly, to his experience. It’s really too bad for him we weren’t there when he was exploring, because he might…

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Princess Louisa Inlet

From everything we have read, the Pacific Northwest has some of the finest cruising grounds in the world. That’s no small statement. In the fall I was walking the docks on Bowen Island and started chatting with an older woman who lived on a 50′ sailboat with her husband. They spent 17 years circumnavigating and she shared the same sentiment.…

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