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Leela is a 1976 Union 36 sailboat. The Union 36 has a complex history and shares very close ties with the Hans Christian 36 lineage. The story on this has been covered extensively here. She was hull #4 and is a graceful lady that we know will take good care of us.

We purchased Leela in September 2014 from the nicest people in the world. Actually. Peter and Wendy Green from Victoria BC, had previously owned her for 8 years during which they refitted her for a world tour. Unfortunately, health issues forced the sell before the dream could be completed. While she still needs some work, you can read about Peter, our subsequent friendship and his previous retrofit in this post.

Leela is a classic cutter rig with roller furling Yankee and hanked on Staysail. She is a classic beauty full keel double-ender canoe stern, teak decks, teak throughout the interior cabin and plenty of varnish to keep us busy. Was she the most logical and practical boat to purchase? Errrr…good question.

While we were boat shopping we retained the services of legendary yacht designer Bob Perry to help us sort a few things out and provide guidance on our quest. We told him of our love for the classic double enders of the 1970 early ’80 era. “But why?” he asked. “Those are boats for retired old guys!” I think he quickly realized he would not be changing our minds so eventually he left us with this gem (the first of many). “The whole idea of embarking on a sailing journey is completely crazy so … might as well embrace the insanity and do so on a boat that stirs your soul!”

That she does in spades.







  1. I just listened to your story on Sail Loot podcast…….Love the boat!! She’s a beauty!! I’m currently searching for a liveaboard…..just started my search……Looking forward to your continuing story!!

  2. Hello,

    my name is John and I have just become a proud owner of a Union 36 1984 and have been looking for useful information on the steering drive system and the pedestal conversation options. If there is any information you could provide me that would be great. Along with that do you know of any recourses for the maintenance and blue print lay out of the boat, wire, water and fuel system.

  3. Hey,

    My name is John and I am a new owner of a Union 36. The issue I am having is that the boat was boarded and someone stole the two primary winches out of the cockpit. The owners wife how had put the boat up for sale is not sure what size the winches were. What size are you using? and how are they working out for you?

  4. John : I have hull #9, a 1977 build, based in Scotland.
    If your steering is worm gear, do you really want to convert it to cable drive?

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