The Journey

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Laozi

One day , you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now. – Paulo Coehlo

“What is your plan?” We have been asked that question a few times since we decided to pursue this adventure. I guess we need to understand how this all started. In June of 2014 we took a weekend trip aboard Emmanuel’s Catalina 27. The first morning we woke up in a tranquil bay, the sun was shining, and we both thought “you know, this lifestyle really works for us!” Following that blissful weekend, we embarked on a 9-day sailing trip to Desolation Sound. This trip sealed the deal. We wanted to travel and see the world aboard our very own classic sailboat. Slow down a little, move with the rhythm and cycles of the wind and tides.  Make new friends, see new places all the while pursuing our new found love of sailing. We shopped for approximately three months, put an offer on a beat up Tayana 37 which we decided not to pursue. In the end, we found Leela (previously s/v Free To Roam) through a broker in Victoria, BC. She was beautiful, seaworthy, had undergone a pretty extensive refit and needed new owners to finish the work, and take her on an adventure. We actually completed the purchase and transaction while we were travelling down to Burning Man in Nevada. It was a whirlwind, to say the least.

So what is our plan? It’s pretty loose at this point and we want to keep it that way. From everything we have read, sailing plans are written in the sand at low tide. We are taking that to heart. Step 1 is a winter of refit work until May 2015. On June 1st, 2015 we plan on moving aboard Leela for a summer of cruising toward Alaska. Note we say towards because we have no great goals of actually reaching the Northern State. We just want to spend an idyllic summer gently cruising North at our pace, living our love, fishing, prawning, meeting up with friends and family and generally getting fully acquainted with our new home.

Following this summer cruise, the plan is to work somewhere for the winter to replenish the cruising kitty and perhaps complete additional boat projects. Finally, in Spring 2016 we aim to head South to Central America. And then? We don’t know! And that’s the beauty of it.

“Why?” Would be another question we hear often, or perhaps it’s just one we feel to need to justify to friends and family. From Emmanuel’s perspective, after having worked in the demanding engineering consulting field for over 10 years, having grown and sold a business, dabbled in real estate development and other business ventures, there is the realization that truly, we only have one chance at this life. Our goals and values do not align with the quest for endless accumulation of capital without stopping to smell the roses along the journey. We have been lucky enough in our travels and professional life to meet all kinds of amazing human beings, from nomadic RV dwellers with no worldly possessions to billionaire clients and everything in between. Ultimately, the size of the bank account does not have a relationship with happiness and contentment. We are young, healthy, educated and with a small amount of funds to take the adventure of a lifetime. We are in love and we want to explore as much of the world as we can together. That is the why in a nutshell.

This is the trip that sealed our cruising goals. Sailing North to Desolation Sound.


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It’s not all about sailing and fixing boats. Our favourite hammock session overlooking Pacific Northwest paradise.


Saxony jigging in middle of Malaspina Strait. We didn’t catch anything that time.


The very tight entrance into Frenchman’s Cove. Leela would not fit through there. Big boats are not always better!

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We attended Burning Man as we were negotiating and purchasing Leela. With some of our best friends in the world.

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  1. I love you guys! Fighting between tears of joy and envy, the only real loser here is my day job… ok, back to it. What a treat to read, like the best afternoon chocolate peanut butter cup ever, or whatever metaphor floats your boat, thanks for sharing!!! cd

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