Summer 2017 – Various Adventures

Saxony and Curtis

Late August and September 2017 saw some lazy sunny days and we took advantage of the opportunity to partake in various local adventures. The pictures below are a collection of lazy late summer days before Leela was retired for the season.       View this post on Instagram A post shared by Emmanuel Lavoie (@chillmobil) on Jul 16, 2017…

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August 2017 – Tumbo Island Paradise Found

Are you ready for the story of one of the absolute most beautiful places we have encountered in our West Coast sailing adventures? Tumbo Island. Spoiler photo alert! With such a late splash in the season, and with Leavetown needing all of my attention for fundraising, we realize we couldn’t afford the time for our usual summer trip to Desolation…

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July 2017 – Sailing with Sally and Ees

The magic cocktail sunset moment

What better way to celebrate Leela’s return to Vancouver than heading out for a weekend of carefree sailing with our good friends Sally and Eesmyal! They were both curious about the sailing lifestyle, wanting to explore if this is something they would want to get into as well. There was one problem though. Our engine didn’t work. We will explain…

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